You can’t always see pain.

I know it’s going to be a rough day when I’m not even out of bed yet and my pelvic feels like it’s been used as a punching bag. Typically my pelvic pain comes and goes in spurts that I can deal with. On days where the bruised feeling is there when I wake up, I know it’s going to linger. The heating pad has become my best friend on days like these. My husband is always so supportive. He usually has the heating pad warmed up and ready to go with ginger ale in hand before I even get downstairs. I understand that some days my body is telling me to take it easy and be “lazy”. If I’m lucky, those are my days off from work and I can do just that. If I’m not so lucky, I tough it out and head to work.

I’ve learned to love  life and appreciate the fact that most days my Endo doesn’t stop me from living “normal.” I can only imagine how hard it is for women with severe pain. The amount of articles I read where women are comparing diets and solutions to their pain is endless. Endo is case by case, so what eases the symptom for one woman may not for another. My “go-to” relief is my heating pad, ginger ale, and lots of snuggles! Lucky for me, those three things usually do the trick.

Multiple people have asked me what the pain feels like. When I have spurts of pain, it basically feels like someone is shoving a knife into your pelvic on either side. Now, I’ve never been stabbed but I’m pretty sure it feels something like that. The lingering pain is more of a bruised feeling, like someone literally beat your pelvic up. It’s very sore and I’m usually really bloated on those days. I consider myself very lucky that I have minimal pain compared to other cases.

If you know someone who has chronic pain and having a rough day, give them a break and let them take it easy. Just because you can’t see an injury on someone, it doesn’t mean they aren’t in pain.


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