Next Steps

After my second surgery, our OBGYN decided the best route would be to see a fertility endocrinologist. My body didn’t react to Clomid in a good way so I needed to be monitored a little closer during the process. I was just praying they wouldn’t put me back on Clomid!

During the second surgery, they removed the cyst and any Endo that had come back after the first surgery. Because I was cleaned out again, my husband and I decided to hold off on seeing the endocrinologist and take a break on fertility meds for a bit.

After about two months, I was having pelvic pain worse than normal. I called my OBGYN and she recommended that I go ahead and see the endocrinologist just in case they wanted to go back in and take a look for themselves. I scheduled the appointment right away and I had to wait about 3 weeks to be seen. In the meantime, ginger ale, the heating pad and lots of snuggles (my fur-babies know when Momma’s not feeling well) got me through.


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