DIY Military Wreath

This fun DIY is perfect for a year round door decor!

What you’ll need:

  • Fabric – 1 ABU , 1 yard of red, white, and blue fabric. ( mine are all cotton) 
  • Fabric scissors
  • Metal wreath frame
  • Hot glue gun (only if you are putting patches on, etc.) 

I used my Husband’s old ABU that is no longer serviceable. I cut each strand about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. I didn’t measure each one because I’m not that patient. Lol! I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out my favorite red, white, and blue fabric. You can’t see it in the picture but the red and blue isn’t solid, it’s all about preference! πŸ™‚ 
Once you have a handful of pieces cut, start tying them on. I only tied it once (like the first step of tying your shoe string) and moved on to the next.

 As you can see the metal frame is in sections I made sure to push each piece of fabric as close together as possible and make each section completely full when tying so that you don’t see any gaps. 
Where you start and stop each type of fabric is up to you! You may use mine as a reference if you like the placement. I also used an old name patch and hot glued it to the bottom. 
Let me know if you have questions! πŸ™‚ 


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