5 Things I learned during this deployment.

  1. You WILL be okay! Yes, it sucks 99% of the time but you will survive. You will be an emotional wreck for the first two weeks but then you need to just pull yourself together and make the most of this journey. A wise spouse once gave me some advice that will stick with me forever; “You can either be miserable the entire deployment or make the most out of the time that he is gone.”
  2. Stay busy, but not too busy. After the hubby left I dove right into work to help pass the time. By month three I was burnt out! I needed to find the happy medium between work life and home life. After all I did have to pick up a few extra chores around the house as well as make sure my furbabies were exercising enough before and after work. Once I found that balance I was golden!
  3. Learn something new about yourself! During this deployment I learned that sitting outside in the mornings on my days off while I drink coffee and the dogs play instantly melts the stress of the week away. I learned that I probably won’t ever find a love for cooking (sorry hubby!). I would rather snack all day than cook a full meal.
  4. Things that don’t normally happen, WILL happen. For some reason when your spouse leaves whether its deployments or TDYs things fall apart. We don’t have kids yet but we have 2 dogs and a cat and things were rough. The dogs got into things which resulted in vet visits and my cat ran away for like a month. In the end they were all under one roof and healthy so I guess that helps, lol. You will have to deal with other issues that come up even though everything was squared away for months before your spouse left. This is where the handy-dandy Power of Attorneys help! 🙂 It is very stressful and sometimes you have no idea where to start or when the madness is going to end. If you have an amazing Key Spouse like I do and a great support system you WILL get through it.
  5. At the end of the deployment you will feel like Superwoman. You took care of issues on the home front and you are still in one piece (barely). You now know that most days you can take on the world and on others you need time to yourself. Being a superwoman (or Super Spouse)  isn’t about taking on all of the tasks by yourself, it’s about knowing which ones you can handle on your own and which ones you need help with by utilizing your resources. I am by no means a Super Spouse but this deployment definitely helped me become a better one.

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